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New Products Coming Your Way !!!

Beauty is in the skin!! Yesss.. here comes the Nature's Gift for you ...🎁🎁

This summer treat your skin with Natural Handmade Products being brought to your doorstep by Ksheerdham Dairy Products.

These products have been prepared using Ayurvedic Panchagavya in order to cleanse the skin as well as maintain its natural moisture balance without making it dry or leaving a greasy layer over it. The rich butter in the products creates a luxurious lather that leaves the skin soft and supple after each use.

The Panchagavya products can be used by your entire family to ensure amazing results after just one wash. It locks the moisture of the skin leaving it soft and fresh, making it smoother, healthier and radiant than ever before. The natural formula makes them an excellent choice for people who want gentle yet effective products for their sensitive skin. The Panchgavya products are favourable for all skin types. We at Ksheerdham believe that the purpose of beauty products is not only to make you look good but also to protect the skin and keep the body pure and clean.

One of the most common ingredient used in Panchagavya products is cow urine, which has been clinically proven to help remarkably in case of skin allergies.

Pancha’ means ‘five’, and ‘Gavya’ means ‘substances derived from cows.’ Panchgavya products contains Panchgavya ghrit (Ghee) made of milk, ghee, curd, cow urine, and cow dung. The purity and medicinal properties of Panchgavya have been widely praised in our Vedas and now, even the modern science recognises its immense ability to cure a number of diseases.

So this summer... pamper your skin the way it deserves!!

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