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A2 Gir Cow Butter


Ksheerdham Pure Desi Cow A2 Butter is  made from gir cow’s milk. We prepare pure and authentic butter using traditional bilona method. Full cream whole desi cow milk is set to curd overnight. Set curd is churned using bilona method to separate butter from the curd. This butter tastes awesome, is nutritious and has a rich flavor that will be loved by your entire family.

A2 Gir Cow Butter Benefits

♣ Rich in nutrients like vitamins A and D.
♣ Contains saturated fats which retain immune boosting essentials like calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A and D.
♣ Contains lecithin that not only aids in cutting bad fats but also helps in boosting metabolism.
♣ Contains essential antioxidants and vitamin E which can clear up your skin.
♣ Aids better brain function and activity due to the presence of Arachidonic Acid (AA)

Why choose Ksheerdham A2 Gir Cow Butter

♣ Made by traditional Bilona Method.
♣ Prepared fresh daily.
♣ Free Range Gir Cows
♣ No Hormonal injections
♣ Chemical Free & Natural Fodder
♣ Farm-To-Home within 24 hrs

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