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Fresh Gomutra from A2 Gir Cows

Our Cow Gomutra is freshly collected from A2 Gir cows and meticulously filtered, making it ideal for both home and garden use.

A bottle of Ksheerdham A2 Gir Cow Gomutra, a health product, is shown against a background featuring green hills, a blue sky with clouds, and a small cow graphic. The product label includes images and text, with the backdrop stylized to look like dripping milk.

Cow Urine (Gomutra) Therapy: An Ancient Remedy

The medically supervised use of cow urine, or ‘Gomutra’, combined with other cow products and ayurvedic herbs is popularly known as cow urine therapy. This spiritual remedy, in use since Vedic times, but it has recently gained more recognition and attention due to modern research highlighting its multiple benefits.

Benefits of Gomutra

Ksheerdham Cow urine, or "goumutra," is believed to have various health and agricultural benefits, especially in traditional Indian and Ayurvedic practices. Here are some commonly cited benefits:

1. Detoxification:

Cow urine acts as a effective detoxifier, cleansing the body from unwanted deposits that leads to various disease .

2. Immunity Boost:

Regular consumption of A2 Cow Gomutra boost the immune system, which is helpful to fight from diseases more effectively.

3. Digestive Health:

Gomutra improves the digestive system and increases the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients, thus boosting your overall stamina.

The use of fermented A2 gir cow urine significantly enhances soil fertility and healthier plant growth.

Three brown bottles with white caps, containing "Ksherdham cow gomutra" in blue and pink, stand proudly against a blurred outdoor background with green grass.

Gomutra: A Powerful Therapeutic Agent

The main component of cow urine (Gomutra) therapy is an exceptional therapeutic agent. It serves as a powerful antibiotic and an effective germicide. This therapy not only destroys infection-causing organisms but also, when consumed regularly, significantly boosts a person’s immunity.

How to Use Gomutra for Plants?

Using gomutra (cow urine) for plants is beneficial as it contains nutrients and enzymes that helps in plant growth. Here are some ways how to use gomutra for plants:

Enhancing Soil Fertility

Use as Liquid Fertilizer

Gomutra can be used as liquid fertilizer, serving as an effective pesticide for crops. Liquid manure made from cow urine is simple to prepare and is more beneficial for plants compared to artificial fertilizers.

Gomutra for Home

Disinfecting and Purifying

Gomutra is widely used in Indian rituals, purification etc. Let's have a look at how goumuta is used in home. 

Sprinkling Gomutra around the house can help kill germs, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Creating a Holy Environment

Mixing Gomutra with water and using it for cleaning is believed to dispel negative energies and create a sacred atmosphere.

Traditional Uses

In Indian tradition, Gomutra is used in various rituals and housewarming ceremonies to purify the space and bring blessings.

Disclaimer: We recommend oral consumption of Gomutra under the guidance of an Ayurvedic physician.

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