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Fresh Gomutra collected from A2 Gir Cows and filtered which is good for home & garden use.
The medically supervised use of cow urine or ‘Gomutra’ in combination with other cow products and ayurvedic herbs is popularly known as cow urine therapy. Though this spiritual remedy is in use since Vedas time the recent researches on cow’s urine has added more to cow urine therapy's benefits.
Cow urine works directly on the body by acting as a toxic remover that cleanses the unwanted deposits in the body that results in illness. It also boosts up the immunity system of the individuals. Moreover, cow urine also improves the digestive system and stamina of absorbing the necessary nutrients.
The major component of cow urine therapy, ‘Gomutra’ is basically a brilliant therapeutic agent which is a powerful antibiotic and an amazing germicide. Hence, this effective therapy is capable to destroy all infection-causing organisms and to add, if a person/ patient consumes it regularly, it also helps in boosting his immunity.

How to use Gomutra for plants?

​​♣ The use of fermented cow urine enhances soil fertility 
​​♣ It can also be turned into liquid fertiliser as a pesticide for crops. Liquid manure from cow urine is easy to make and is good for plants in comparison to artificial fertiliser.

Gomutra for home

​​♣ It can be sprinkled in the house to kill germs. 
​​♣ By using it for cleaning the house by mixing it with water is believed to dispel evil effects and creates a holy environment. 
​​♣ In Indian tradition, Gomutra is used in Homas and house warming ceremonies.

Disclaimer: We recommend oral consumption of Gomutra under guidance of an Ayurvedic physician.

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