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Cow Dung Cakes


Ksheerdham Cow dung cakes are made from Gir Cow’s dung. Burning the same is believed to kill germs, insects, micro-organisms. It's been used in traditional Indian households during yagyas, rituals, etc.  
Cow dung cakes are used while performing Agnihotra. The cowdung cakes are anti-pollutant and have anti-radiation properties, so the burning of cow dung during the Homas also purifies the air.​

♣ How to perform a sacred homa fire  at home using Ksheerdham cowdung cakes​​

♣ Place the cow dung cakes in a small havan kund and smear them with ghee.
♣ Ignite a small piece of dried cowdung cake using a lamp or flame and place in the vessel to light the rest.- Wait until all the dung cakes are completely lit and mix laung, guggulu, loban and unpolished rice with some ghee in your left hand, slowly putting the above items in the homa fire while reciting the mantras.
♣ Recite your mantras at the time of sunrise and sunset.
♣ Sit alongside the fire for few minutes until completely extinguished.

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