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Ksheerdham Dairy Products

Ksheer (Milk) + Dham (home) = Ksheerdham (Home to Milk)


Ksheerdham is a leading producer and supplier of A2 milk & milk products serving Delhi-NCR. It's a Delhi based FSSAI certified company, established in 2016 and have been serving thousands of esteemed customers across Delhi-NCR.


Our objective is to produce safe & quality milk in it's completely natural form and deliver it to everyone's doorstep. Ksheerdham is a first-of-its-kind, superior farm-to-home milk, from India’s most dairy suppliers, owning fully from cows to home delivery.

Ksheerdham Milk bottle and A2 Cow milk with buffalo milk next to grassy field.


A cow laying in grass with a sign reading "gir cow milk" - promoting ksheerdham fresh milk from gir cows.

Our dairy farm is spread in 10 acres. It is perched between Mathura and Aligarh, an area known for the high quality of green produce. At our farm, our prime concern is to deliver completely natural farm fresh milk. We take utmost care in hygienically packing the milk, in its most natural form.


The cows, buffalo and goats are well fed with clean, nutritious and unprocessed foods to produce A2 milk that has the potential to enhance the immune system, fight against diseases and disorders such as joint pain, obesity and asthma. This milk also contains high levels of Omega 3 that regulates the blood vessels. The farm is only allowed to feed the cattle with certified feed which is more natural and healthy thereby producing healthier milk. They are also kept free from hormones, steroids or any injections that are given to enhance milk production. Milk is also routinely tested to ensure that no such content is present. This natural diet of foods helps produce nutrient-rich milk for consumption. None of them in captivity all the time; they are grazing freely for most of the day in our huge natural farm. Regular check-up of cows by a professional Veterinary doctor is also arranged.

Meet The Team

Kushal Singh - Founder of Ksheerdham

Kushal Singh

Founder & Director

Smriti Singh - Co-Founder of Ksheerdham

Smriti Singh

Co-Founder & Director

Shalinee Saubhari - Co-Founder of Ksheerdham

Shalinee Saubhari

Co-Founder & Director

Sunil Kharakia - Co-Founder of Ksheerdham

Sunil Kharakia

Co-Founder & Director

Ksheerdham Farmers

Ksheerdham Farmers

Backbone of Ksheerdham

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