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Ksheerdham Buffalo Milk

Graphic shows an buffalo and ksheerdham buffalo milk pouch
Buffalo milk pouch with milk splash around it

Farm fresh buffalo milk from desi Murrah buffalos, delivered to your doorstep within 12 hours of milking. Straight from the farm to your table, we deliver rich, creamy, and thick milk without any adulteration and interference with the natural process. This milk can be used to make dairy by products, such as curd, butter, cream and ghee. You must boil it within 30-40 minutes of delivery before you consume it.

Ksheerdham Buffalo Milk is a must addition to your diet considering its incredible health benefits for your mind and body. We undertake the traditional route to milk our buffaloes which ensures that the quality, richness, and purity of the milk is kept intact.

The superior quality buffaloes are not fed with any artificial enzyme to alter the quality of the milk and that’s what makes our milk stand apart from the rest. All the products made from this fresh milk will speak of its high quality, taste, and richness.

Buffalo Milk Benefits

-  Produce thickest layer of natural Malai (cream)

-  Rich source of calcium & minerals

-  Significantly helps in strengthening the bones

-  Buffalo milk is more protein-dense which helps in building and repairing the muscles

-  Higher fat can be good option for those trying to gain weight

-  Buffalo milk can do wonders to your skin

-  Best for making curd, ghee and sweets at home

Why Choose Ksheerdham Buffalo Milk

-  Raw, Unpasteurized & Unprocessed Milk (Purest & Most Natural Form of Milk)

-  Farm-To-Home within 12 hrs

-  Buffalo to milk delivery to your home is completely owned by Ksheerdham.

-  No Hormonal injections

-  Chemical Free & Natural Fodder from Ksheerdham fields

-  Ethical Milking (First calves are fed then milking)
-  Dairy farm in pleasant & natural environment, away from polluted air and ground of city

Illustration of a buffalo milk package from Ksheerdham in front of a pastoral scene with grazing cows and farm buildings. A label in the corner reads "100% Pure Buffalo Milk.
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