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Colostrum on a big wooden spoon, with the human shape milk splash playing football.

Ksheerdham provides colostrum, which is a milky fluid that comes from the udder of our gir cows the first few days after giving birth, before true milk appears. This fluid contains proteins called antibodies. These antibodies may fight bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. Antibody levels in colostrum can be 100 times higher than levels in regular cow's milk. Its made available only if the calf is not able to consume it fully and as it can't be left in the cow's udder, the remaining part is made available to the users for consumption.

A2 Gir Cow Colostrum Benefits

♣ High in nutrients and antibodies.
♣ Promotes growth and health in childern.
♣ Improves gut health.
♣ May strengthen immune system and help body fight disease-causing agents.

Why choose Ksheerdham A2 Gir Cow Milk ?

♣ Free Range Gir Cows
♣ No Hormonal injections
♣ Chemical Free & Natural Fodder
♣ Farm-To-Home within 12 hrs

Colostrum on a wooden spoon with a mother playing with her baby in the background.
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