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Gopastami Festival

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Ksheerdham celebrating Gopastami festival under the aegis of Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation and Animal Husbandry of District Aligarh

Gopastami is a festival that is dedicated to Lord Krishna and cows. It is the coming-of-age celebration when Krishna's father, Nanda Maharaja, gave Krishna the responsibility for taking care of the cows of Vrindavan

Go-puja is done on this day. Devotees visit the Gaushala, bathe and clean the cows and the Gaushala. Cows are decorated with cloth and jewellery before offering special ritual by the devotees. Special fodders are fed for good health and special drive is organized for its preservation. On this day, Sri Krishna puja and cow Puja is performed along with pradakshina to acquire blessing for a good and happier life. Devotees also pay special respect to cows for its utilities in daily life.

Cows provide milk that helps in fulfilling the nutritional requirement of the people like a mother. This is why cows are held sacred and worshipped in Hindu religion as a mother. The glories of the cow and her protection are discussed by senior devotees. All of them feed the cows and take part in a feast near the Gaushala.

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